Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gone Fishin

Yesterday evening I went with my friend Jeff, his friend Sam, his cousin Kevin, as well as his cousin's wife Louise and daughter Shauna to set up nets to catch fish in the hopes of picking up a few tips on how to catch fish.  The trek out to the edge of the land was really stunning.  We didn't end up being able to set any nets because the ice was too shifty and they didn't have a safe way of getting down to the water from the icy edge.  Hopefully I will get to go again soon!  I love learning about anything that has to do with living off the land.

Walking to the edge.

Getting closer.

Closer still, and the landscape changes drastically.

Walking back after deciding we wouldn't set up nets.

Jeff, Louise and Sam.

Neat-looking boat.

Jeff had to pick up something from his (his family's?) boat so I got to climb on.  Oh and it's not the boat from the picture above.

I'm on a boat.

Wolf skull in the back of Jeff's pick-up truck.

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