Friday, June 10, 2011

Springtime in the back of my mind

So, I know all you fine folks living it up in the "South" are pretty much over Spring at this point, but out here, it is in full effect!... And it is wonderful!  Springtime in Iqaluit has been AWESOME and I am almost sad to be leaving (for a two-week vacation in Ottawa) right as the weather is getting nicer.  Not only is the weather super nice right now but the sun also never completely goes down; there is a lengthy blue-ish dusk that goes from midnight to 2 am but otherwise, the sun is shining!  It is both incredible and infuriating: incredible when you feel like staying up late and infuriating when trying to sleep--but I generally find it incredible.  Alright, so here are some pictures of some of the beauty springtime in Iqaluit has to offer.

Standing on a sandy shore looking out onto a still very snowy landscape.

Slow melt.

Oh hi!

Oh bye!

What I call home.

About 30 seconds from my front steps.


The melting pond forces me to find new paths to work.

Paths like these.

Daily walk to work is never boring.  YES PLEASE!

What lies to be discovered beneath the melting snow.

Only the toughest plants can grow up here.

Artist at work on a beautiful sunny day.

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